How to choose good quality steel strand products

Tianjin unbonded strand is now a very common product in the industry, its type is rich and varied, but are made of multiple wire twisted together, although the manufacturing is not difficult, but his quality can not be ignored , So in the choice must pay attention.

The external quality of the strand is very important, which affects its overall service life. To ensure the uniformity of the quality of each wire and the proper twisting of the wire, as a product made of stranded wire, To prevent the use of steel wire of the dispersion of the wire, and the twisting of the wire must be regular, so as not to cause the wire twisted or even broken.

Tianjin unbonded strand in the use of sometimes as a conduction tool, it should be in the choice of steel wire to ensure that the surface smooth, no oil, and there is no impurities between the various strands and other dirt, affecting a variety of steel Line of use, but for some galvanized steel wire to pay special attention to the galvanized layer inspection, to ensure that the galvanized layer even without dew point, so as to better protect the strand, play its due role.

For different types of steel strand to be treated differently, for example, prestressed steel strand is to better fit with concrete, so it should not have a variety of lubricant adhesion and contamination on its surface, Concrete force, for aluminum clad steel wire requirements it must be packed in place, to avoid loopholes and leakage, broken wire phenomenon.

Tianjin unbonded steel strand in the industrial production of a lot of specifications led to a variety of its product range, so the choice of steel wire in the process of each type of steel according to the nature and specifications of different treatment, The quality of the system to check the strand, so be aware of.

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