Prestressed Strand Production Standard

Tianjin prestressed steel strand introduction, prestressed steel strand is 2,3,7 or 19 high strength steel wire composed of stranded steel cable, and by eliminating the prestressed treatment, suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes.

According to the number of steel wire in a strand can be divided into 2 wire strand, 3 wire strand, 7 wire strand and 19 wire strand. According to the surface morphology can be divided into smooth steel strand, scoring steel strand, die-pulling strand, galvanized steel wire, coated with epoxy steel strand. It can also be sorted by diameter, or intensity level, or standard.

Tianjin prestressed steel strand pointed out that the prestressed steel strand using high-carbon steel wire rod, after surface treatment cold drawn into steel wire, and then according to the strand structure will be a certain number of stranded strand, and then through the elimination of stress stability Processing process. To extend the durability, the wire can have a metal or non-metallic coating or coating, such as galvanized, coated with epoxy resin. To increase the grip with the concrete, the surface can be scored and so on.

The main features of the prestressed steel strand is the high strength and relaxation performance, Tianjin prestressed steel wire pointed out that the other start more straight. Common tensile strength grade of 1860 MPa, there are 1720,1770,1960,2000,2100 MPa class of strength grade, the yield strength of this steel is also higher.

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