Choose to use strand, high-quality manufacturers is the key!

Our usual use of the strand is made of multiple stranded wire, these steel wire can be added according to the needs of users galvanized layer, aluminum alloy layer, aluminum cladding, copper layer, coated with epoxy resin Wait. Tianjin steel wire manufacturers, the general quality of steel manufacturers in the production process must ensure that the surface of the galvanized layer is complete, that is to say must ensure that the surface of the galvanized layer is continuous, uniform and no peeling And so on. If the surface coating of the strand is not complete, then in the course of the use of these incomplete coating will be corroded, so that the use of steel strand quality and service life of the situation, which will directly affect the project Quality, different construction environment of the steel wire process requirements are also different.

Tianjin steel wire manufacturers pointed out that the application of China's steel wire is very broad, and its use of quality and characteristics are also very different, commonly used in the construction of low-relaxation low prestressed strand, its main feature is High strength and relaxation performance is good, when the start more straight, prestressed steel galvanized layer is now the world's most widely used. The melting point of this coating is very high, but the production process is more complex, in the paste and pullability above also has a very good effect. Pre-stressed steel strand quality is good or bad, directly related to the quality of prestressed steel strand quality and service life. Galvanized layer after brushing, can be a good strand and air isolation, so it played a very good anti-corrosion effect. Tianjin steel strand manufacturers pointed out that the pit with steel strand in many of our pit support project is the most used. High-quality steel manufacturers will use the quality of steel wire in the first place in the production of steel wire while ensuring the use of more reliable quality.

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