Prestressed Strand Use Precautions!

Now China's application of prestressed steel wire is very wide, including roads, bridges, water conservancy dams, high-rise building wall and other places, Tianjin prestressed steel strand introduction, prestressed steel strand high technological content, high value-added China's high-grade highways and high-rise buildings and other areas of development, and reduce the cost of construction projects, ease the domestic demand for the country to save the construction of materials, improve the quality of various projects.

Prestressed steel hoisting should be followed by hanging, the code placed in order and leave gaps. Unbonded prestressed tendons should be used three brown rope buttonhole parallel lifting, is strictly prohibited with wire rope hanging directly. The use of forklifts or special lifting tools to prevent broken steel belt caused by scattered packets. Tianjin prestressed steel strand pointed out that the specific use of the following considerations:

1, the use of prestressed steel is strictly prohibited to use any form of heating deformation measures, so as not to reduce the mechanical properties of prestressed steel.

2, the use of non-welding, because the strength of the solder joint strength than the steel itself to reduce a lot of tension in the weld easily lead to broken wire.

3, the cutting of prestressed steel should be used without teeth, the use of electricity, gas welding easy to damage the surface around the steel, while causing the end of local heating, the performance decreased significantly.

4, Tianjin prestressed steel strand pointed out that the prestressed steel wire with circulating cloth, the bending radius of not less than 3 times the diameter of the wire.

5, without shaft into the package of steel stranded wire should be placed in the state from the inner circle of the line, out of the steel strand after the spring-shaped, and automatically straight.

6, strand twist to the general twist, the use of the right twist should be marked in the contract, or a direct impact with the anchor with the.

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