What are the safety management specifications for steel strand construction?

Now the strand is usually used to support the cable, cable, strengthen the core and overhead transmission of the ground, the road on both sides of the block or the structural structure of the cable. The most commonly used strand in Tianjin prestressed steel strand is a low-relaxation, prestressed steel strand with no plating, and galvanized, commonly used in bridges, construction, water, energy and geotechnical engineering. Strand is an indispensable material in construction, different classification products, for the application of different occasions.

The safety of steel wire construction is the most important, so in the construction process, to follow a certain safety management practices, the following Tianjin prestressed steel strand for everyone to summarize the following points for your reference:

1, the production and installation of steel wire should be professional steel wire rods to operate;

2, is strictly prohibited private wire and cable, must have a professional operation;

3, the night construction should have enough lighting, Tianjin prestressed steel wire pointed out that the beginning of the operation should be safe before the end, and pre-school education;

4, is strictly prohibited drunk and operating in the operating surface playing slapstick.

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