PC Steel Strand ‘s Great Effect on the process of engineering

When we study some of the works will be found, as long as the quality of the project will use the steel strand, and will be used in accordance with the design to use. When some engineering quality problems, tracing its cause of shoddy construction causes, will always find some construction process there is a problem, not in accordance with the requirements of the use of qualified materials, no in the construction in accordance with the provisions of the building. When the project a few materials, the project will be bearing pressure is not enough. In construction we should not only keep the engineering of the firm, and the need to allow these buildings to withstand the tension and the tension of the provisions, so we need to add proper amount of steel strand in the project, only the use of the reach requirements of steel strand to to ensure quality of engineering required, to ensure that these buildings will not be any problem. When we are in accordance with the requirements of the construction, but also need to use the provisions of the steel strand, can not be arbitrarily changed in the project specifications. When we see these strands of steel, perhaps we will not recognize the humble building materials, perhaps we will think that we can use steel to replace them. But these are after the designers and architects the careful calculations, they in engineering plays a big role, if the random change of these materials will bring a lot of trouble to our construction, not only will the construction units to bring economic losses, but also to the quality of the project caused serious impact. In the construction of housing need to use a lot of steel strand, both in the bottoming or when pouring the top, need in accordance with the provisions of the use of steel strand. These are our project quality assurance to the.

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