What is steel wire

Steel strand is actually comprises a plurality of steel to stranded composed of iron and steel products and steel surface can actually according to the need to increase the zinc coating, zinc aluminum alloy layer, the clad layer, copper layer, coated with epoxy resin and so on these materials. And the steel strand is actually divided into prestressed steel strand, as well as the non bonded steel strand, galvanized steel wire, and so on, in general, different steel strands actually have different performance characteristics. And in the manufacturing process is actually divided into monofilament and strands of manufacturing, manufacture monofilament to the cold drawing technology and according to the different materials of the products could in fact be a high carbon steel wire, and stainless steel wire rods or is low carbon steel wire, but if if need galvanizing, and should plating or hot dipping treatment on a single filament. And wire manufacturing process using wire machine to a plurality of wire twisted synthetic products and prestressed steel strand actually need to continuous stabilization treatment after forming, generally end products are generally closed in spool or in roll to complete the work. The prestressed tension construction design of the general steel strand is to control the tension force, and the tension force of the steel strand before the anchor clamp is finished. So that the general in the calculation of prestressing steel strand tensioning theoretical elongation are to the distance between the steel strand two anchor points as the length of the calculation of steel strand, but generally in prestressed pull steel wire to control tensile force is at the jack tool anchor to control, and so control and more convenient to calculate, and generally to such a distance between the steel wire at both ends of the anchorage points and steel strand in tensioning jack in the length of, and as the length of the calculation of prestressing steel strand tensioning theoretical elongation. The general in the prestressed cable tension, the exposed part of the steel strand, most of them are wrapped in Anchorage and Jack, steel strand stretching elongation cannot in the steel strand, the direct measurement, so it can only be used to measure a pull jack piston stroke, calculation of steel strand tensile elongation, but should also be shrinking minus strand a Laquan process of anchor plug. The load bearing capacity of the steel strand should be 4-6 times of the total traction force.

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