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Tianjin Haibin ShengdiPrestressed Products Co,.Ltd specializes in production of PC steelstrand,PC steel bar and PC steel wire.It is a private enterprise withregistered capital of 100.69 million yuan RMB in November 4,2009.The company locatesNo.2 Lixi in Binhai heavy machinery industrial area of the eastern Haihe andthe intersection of Jintang Road and No 3 Road of Wuxia Street in DongliDistrict Tianjin.Its location enables convenient transportation, 15 kilometersfrom Tianjin port and 22 kilometers from Tianjin Binhai International Airport.Tianjin light rail line 9.Tianjin Steel & Iron plant and TPCO with strongpower around us. The plant occupies 49998.60 square meters(total area of 75mu),construction area 25396.70 square meters,1st workshop ofproduction 15029.25m22ndworkshop 5733.25 m2   staffdormitory building 2412.50 m2office building 2193.10m2including lab),guardingroom 28.60 m2substationchamber 420 m2 plant afforestation 25%complete monitoring security facilities .

There are 6 PC steel stranding production line,2 PC steelwire production line in the plant and the company is the comprehensiveprestressed products producer of the production capacity  100,000 ton PC steel strand,PC steel wireetc.per year.The PC steel strand,rod,wire are widely used for the PC artifactssuch as the pipe pile pole,the bridge and tunnel,the high speed railway,thehighway,the coal mine supporting etc in domestic and foreign market because ofits high strength capricious,low relaxation,strong grip with the concrete,upsetand saving material etc.


Main strand size:1*2-4.5mm 1*3-4.5/4.9/6.5/7.5mm、 1*7-9.53/12.7/15.2/17.8/18.9/21.6mm



The suppliers of the raw material are Tianjin Steel &Iron company,Rongcheng Steel & Iron company,ASGT,Capital Steel & Ironcompany etc. Meet the needs of 82B raw materials

There are some functional departments including ProductionDepartment,International department, Logistics department, Quality Control Department,AccountingDepartment and Administrative Department etc. There are 86 employees including23 graduated from college and 8 graduated from university and 9 middle andsenior technicians.

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